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Presentation of Valentina

foto di Valentina

Valentina Marinai
Certified Instructor

Born in Florence the 6/9/1977

Study Activity

She has a graduate degree in Forest and Environmental Science and a PhD in Science and Technology for Forest and Environment Management. She is currently working on several scientific projects at the Department of Agricultural and Forest Economics, Engineering, Sciences and Technologies of the University of Florence.

Experiences in the field

She has always found martial arts fascinating and in 2003 she began to practice and study Tai Chi Chuan at Shuangbaotai association in Florence.

foto di Valentina

In 2006 she started following seminars held by Master Yang Jun
Since October 2006 she weekly has followed the Instructors training held by Roberta Lazzeri at Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center of Florence and she assisted her teacher during 103 form classes and she started teaching to a group of student in a studio under the supervision of Roberta Lazzeri.
In February 2013 she got the 4th level Copper Tiger in the IYFTCCA ranking system. In Dicember 2013 she became a certified instructor in IYFTCCA.