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Dengue and cholera prevention campaign

Circolo Arci Shuangbaotai's foreign division started its activity in Santo Domingo.
Vera, as well as her teaching taijiquan, with her commitment, her epidemiology experience and a meeting and friendship with a Dominican medical doctor, was able to start a dengue prevention campaign.
The dengue prevention activity demand mainly care and feel like working, after be on to the right channel where you can give your commitment. So that is an activity that our association can afford by itself, with proceeds of taijiquan classes, that us hold in Firenze and in Santo Domingo, and with any help whoever would like to give us.

Tavola Valdese financed our project with 10.000€ in 2009 and with 12.000 in 2010.
Thanks to Tavola Valdese!

Still Rotary Club financed our project with 2.000€ in 2010 and with 9.000 in 2011.
Thanks to Rotary Club!

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