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Traditional Yang Family Taijiquan in Europa and over the world

International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association
All Association centers Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan
Website of Yang Chengfu Italian Centers and Italian Schools
For Milano see also Vaso di Pandora
For Santo Domingo Affiliated School Shuangbaotai
For Argentina Affiliated School WUDE, Rosario
For Canada see also École de Tai-Chi-Chuan «Yang Quan»

Western Yang Zhenduo disciples' WEB site

Terese Mei Mei Teo - Center of Taby - Sweden
Frank Grothstruck - Center of Cologne - Germany
Jean-Marc Geering - Center of Lausanne - Switzerland
Andre Leray - Center of Pau - France
Han Hoong Wang - Center of Troy, Michigan - USA
Andy Lee - Center of East Brunswick, New Jersey - USA
Bill Walsh - Center of New York City - USA
Dave Barrett - Center of Portland, Oregon - USA