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Classes of Traditional Yang Family Taijiquan

  • We practice Taijiquan following the method of masters Yang Zhenduo (4th Generation Yang Family, 3rd son of Yang Chengfu) and Yang Jun (6th generation Yang family, grandson of Yang Zhenduo and Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan 5th Generation lineage Holder).
  • For more information: www.yangfamilytaichi.com.
  • The classes are taught by the certified instructor and director of the affilated school Valentina Marinai with the help of the certified instructor Silvia Rossi.

Class Schedule
Please visit for a free introductory class

Day Site Time Class Instructors

Thursday Casa del Popolo Calenzano 17:30-18 Taiji saber Valentina, Silvia
via G. Puccini, 79 map 18-19:30 beginner, intermediate Valentina, Silvia


Beginner's Class: Long Form (103 Hand Form), 16 form, The 13 Form.
Here you can download the Long Form performed by Master Yang Jun and The 13 Form performed by Master Yang Zhenduo, photos and text, pdf format.
Intermediate's Class: Demo and Competition Form (49 Hand Form), tui shou (Push Hands), 67 Sword Form - Review/Correct: 103 Hand Form, 16 form, The 13 Form
Advanced's Class: Saber Form - Review/Correct: 103 Hand Forma, 49 Hand Form, 16 form, The 13 Form, Sword Form, tui shou
Elderly Center's Class: The 13 Form.

comfortable tee-shirt and trousers, flat sneakers.

Please visit for a free introductory class

Subscription First year Renewal
Individual € 40* € 13**
Family (per head) € 35* € 13**

Tuition amount Monthly
1 class (1½ Hour) per Week € 35
2 classes (3 Hours) per Week € 55
ARCI's card

* it includes subscription to circolo Arci Shuangbaotai and to International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association.
** subscription to circolo Arci Shuangbaotai, renew to International Association will be individually paid online.

Here you can see all Association centers and other places where Traditional Yang Family Style Taijiquan is taught.